Upload Your Own Art

You can add photos, logos or other art to this banner background. Here’s how:

FIRST: Create your photo or artwork to match the dimensions and format you choose. We accept Press Quality PDF format or 300dpi TIFFs. Artwork should be true to size. For more info please call 800-226-6377.

SECOND: Click the “Upload Your File” button on the Product Page and attach the desired file(s).

THIRD: Please provide additional instructions on placement, size, etc. in the area labeled “Any other instructions?” on the Product Page. THEN: Once all other required fields are filled in, Click “Add to Cart.”

NOTE: A one-time Setup Fee of $39 will automatically be added when you upload any images.

Sometimes you have a project in mind that requires a little more time to create. If you need to add logos, change colors or create an unusual size, our experienced graphic designers will create your design to your exact specifications. This service includes up to 2 proofs.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you create your perfect banner design. 800-226-6377