Enhance your banners with glitter

Add dazzle and dimension to your banners with our new and exclusive Glitter-Print technique! Select designs can be enhanced with eye-catching glitter, available in sparkling gold, silver or holographic multicolor.

Glitter Banners from PraiseBanners.com

our one of a kind printing technique

We use a state-of-the-art, three stage process to create our glitter banners. First, we will print your selected banner in its original, colorful design. Then, we will use our exclusive equipment to apply sparkling glitter in key areas. Lastly, we will coat the banner using an invisible lamination process to help ensure the glitter remains on your banner for years to come.

Information to Keep in Mind

Glitter-Print Banners are available only from PraiseBanners™ on the following Banner Collections: Echoes of Easter, Easter Mosaic, Easter Liturgy, Invite The Spirit, Frescoes of Faith, and Colors Of The Liturgy. Glitter-Print is available on most stock banner sizes for as little as an additional $20 and can be added to Custom Banners as well.

Our Glitter-Print Banners are printed on a special fabric that is different than the satin fabric used for our other banners. Keep this in mind when displaying glitter banners alonside our regular printed banners.

Glitter is applied in a variety of densities and patterns, adding extra sparkle to text and areas of focus. We use gold, silver, holographic, or rainbow glitter according to what best compliments the design. The lamination process will hold the glitter in place, but minor shedding is to be expected.

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