How to Select Your Church Banners

How to Select the Church Banner That is Right for You

Define your Banner Goals:

The first step to deciding what you need is to define the goals that you have for your church or organization. Here are a few goals that may help you define your needs:

  • Teaching or enhancing a sermon or lesson. Church banners are great visuals that add depth and meaning to your lesson or sermon.
  • Seasonal decorating like Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas & Easter
  • General auditorium enhancement
  • Creating an entirely new worship space in a non-traditional setting
  • Special occasions like church dedication, anniversary, etc.

Once you know where you want to go, it will be easier to find what you need.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Where will the banner be displayed?
  • Will the banner be used indoors or outdoors? Most of our banners are suitable for indoor/outdoor use. We do offer custom options in vinyl and even vinyl mesh for longer durability.
  • What are my space requirements? PraiseBanners® are offered in a variety of sizes starting from 18” x 5’ all the way up to larger 4’ x 12’ banners. We can do custom banners as well to fit your size specifications.

    No idea what size you need? View our banners size chart here. PraiseBanners® are offered in a variety of sizes starting from 18” x 5’ all the way up to larger 4’ x 12’ banners. We can do custom banners as well to fit your size specifications.

    To get the best visibility possible from all vantage points, take a good look at your auditorium or worship space from several angles. Find a point of reference like your podium and measure the size. If you are still not sure here are a few things you can do:
    • Cut large paper in different sizes and tape it up in your worship space to see how it looks.
    • If you are familiar with image editing software, take some pictures of your space and create swatches for placement. Use other items in the space for size reference.
  • What colors should I choose for my banners: If your church celebrates the liturgical calendar and you want banners to coincide, follow our liturgical color guide. Otherwise, color is a matter of personal preference with considerations of how your banner will look in your church.
  • Handmade Embellished Banners or Printed? At PraiseBanners® we offer both options.

Hand-Made Embellished Banners are for more formal worship spaces and have a higher price point. Embellished banners require special care and storage. We do not recommend them for frequent transportation.

Printed Fabric Church Banners are more economical so you can afford to change them out more often. They are easily transportable if you need to take them on the road or store them for a while.

Banner Hanging Options:

We offer four types of hanging options:

  1. Pole Hems - this is the most versatile type of hanging options as you can hang the banners on a stand or on brackets placed on a wall.
  2. Grommets - grommets are placed on each corner of the banner. These types of banners require an X-banner stand.
  3. Retractable Banners & Stands - these banners are great for transporting and setting up easily. The banner is actually made into the stand.
  4. Peel-N-Stick - we use MiracleBond(™) on our printed banners to make them adhere to any surface. This is a good option for your Sunday School Classrooms, hallways or informal spaces.